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    What are the car park barrier?
            Straight gate: this type of barrier railing straight, direct rail, generally around 4 to 6 meters long, is widespread.         Curved bar barrier: the barrier railing consists of 2 Rails through the connection of mechanical components, high flexible Rod mechanism, turn all use self-lubricated rolling bearings or bearings, no abrasion, no noise.         Fence gate: the gate brake lever shape is beautiful, the icing is very strong, not bulky, self-adjusting, self optimizing, especially for the highway toll station, parking management system supporting the use of the gate is more durable, more flexible and more secure.
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    What is a intelligent parking system?
            Yujin Intelligent parking system is based on modern electronics and information technology, refers to the entrance of parking area of the installation of automatic identification equipment, used for non-contact card or license plate recognition in the area of vehicle implementation judgment recognition, access/deny, guiding, record, collect fees, customs and other intelligent management, it propose to effectively control the vehicle and personnel access, record all details and automatically calculate the charge limit, which can achieve the safety of the wagons and charging management.        The Yujin intelligent parking system integrates inductive smart card technology, computer network, video surveillance, image recognition and processing, automatic control technology to automate the management of vehicles in the parking lot. It is including vehicle identity judgment, access control, automatic license plate recognition and parking spaces. Scientific and effective operations such as search, parking space guidance, car reminder, image display, vehicle proofreading, time calculation, fee collection and verification, voice intercom, automatic access (receipt) card, etc. These functions can be flexibly reduced or increased according to user needs and actual site conditions customize to customers. Yujin Intelligent parking system features1. Easy to operate;2. The system is sensitive and reliable;3. The equipment is safe and durable;4. Accurately distinguish between interior vehicles, visitor vehicles and special vehicles;5. Instantly collect parking fees and other related expenses to increase revenue;6. Charge long-term customer parking fees in advance;7. Prevent the occurrence of a refusal to pay parking fees;8. Prevent fee-paying personnel from engaging in malpractices and arbitrary charges;9. Automated design, fast vehicle access, improved grade and efficiency to provide quality, safe and automatic parking services;10. Save the expenses of management personnel and improve work efficiency and economic benefits;11. The system with good expand, it can easily expand the long-distance non-parking charging function and the automatic license plate recognition function. 
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    How Many Types Of Parking Charge System?
    Parking charge system databaseThe database system is mainly used for license plate recognition results and storage of vehicle images, recording of vehicle entry and exit time, calculation of parking time and charge amount. Its working principle is to establish two databases: the entry database and the departure database. The parking time and the generated parking cost are calculated by proofreading, analysis and logical judgment of the data before and after. When the vehicle completes the payment behavior and leaves the parking lot, the database automatically deletes the written information of the vehicle. Entry database: license plate number, entry time, vehicle imageDeparture database: license plate number, entry time, departure time, parking fee, vehicle image. 1. Reading modeThe owner can enter the parking number and the license plate number on the main control machine to take out the parking timing ticket. When leaving, the ticket will be on the scanner and the parking fee will be calculated. You can also pay by cash and Union Pay card. 2. Card reading modeThe owner can go to the main control unit or the card reader to read the card and start the parking time. When leaving, the card will be read again on the main control unit or the card reader to calculate the parking fee. Payment can be made via a trusted card (city pass, ID card, self-issued card) and e-wallet. 3. Self-service modeIf the owner forgets to read the card on the main control unit or the card reader, the grounding time will automatically start after 2 minutes of geomagnetism. When leaving, the card will be read again on the main control unit or the card reader to calculate the parking fee. Payment can be made by cash, Union Pay card, trusted card (city pass, ID card, self-issued card) and e-wallet. Parking receiptAfter parking the car, the owner can take a parking voucher on the main control machine with parking number and license plate number, parking time, barcode and other information. Payment receipt and invoice receiptWhen the owner picks up the car, the card swiping machine or the main control machine are for paying the fee. The deduction can successfully print the payment voucher or the payment invoice according to the owner's voluntary request. 
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    What the Intelligent parking management system?
    Intelligent parking management system configurations including controllers, remote IC card reading sensor, proximity card (active and passive card), automatic gate, vehicle sensors, Induction coil, communications adapters, cameras, MP4NET video digital recorder, transmission equipment, parking system management software.This system helps companies, government agencies and other internal vehicles and external vehicle access to modern management, strengthen the management of enterprises and improve the company's image has great help.
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    What are the License plate recognition system
            License plate recognition technology are based on computer technology, image processing technology, and fuzzy recognition, Shanghai Yujin Communication License Plate Recognition (LPR) builds a vehicle's feature model and identifies vehicle features such as number plates, vehicle models, and colors. It is a special computer vision system that targets a specific target. It can automatically extract license plate images from an image, automatically divide characters, and then identify characters. It uses advanced image processing, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence technology. The collected image information is processed, and the digital, letter and Chinese characters of the license plate can be automatically and accurately recognized in real time, and the recognition result is directly given, so that the computerized monitoring and management of the vehicle become a reality.          The New LPR Technology has absorbed the advantage algorithm domestic and abroad ,on the basis of this, the optimization and improvement are made.The speed and accuracy of recognition have been greatly improved.Especially for lighting requirements,changed the defective of highly reliance on the environment that is undoubtedly an obstacle to installation and application. Due to the uncertainty of the installation location,plate reflection, backlight and other factors will directly affect the recognition of the license plate.The improved algorithm has greatly improved the recognition of the above license plates.
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