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What is a intelligent parking system?

        Yujin Intelligent parking system is based on modern electronics and information technology, refers to the entrance of parking area of the installation of automatic identification equipment, used for non-contact card or license plate recognition in the area of vehicle implementation judgment recognition, access/deny, guiding, record, collect fees, customs and other intelligent management, it propose to effectively control the vehicle and personnel access, record all details and automatically calculate the charge limit, which can achieve the safety of the wagons and charging management.

        The Yujin intelligent parking system integrates inductive smart card technology, computer network, video surveillance, image recognition and processing, automatic control technology to automate the management of vehicles in the parking lot. It is including vehicle identity judgment, access control, automatic license plate recognition and parking spaces. Scientific and effective operations such as search, parking space guidance, car reminder, image display, vehicle proofreading, time calculation, fee collection and verification, voice intercom, automatic access (receipt) card, etc. These functions can be flexibly reduced or increased according to user needs and actual site conditions customize to customers.


Yujin Intelligent parking system features

1. Easy to operate;

2. The system is sensitive and reliable;

3. The equipment is safe and durable;

4. Accurately distinguish between interior vehicles, visitor vehicles and special vehicles;

5. Instantly collect parking fees and other related expenses to increase revenue;

6. Charge long-term customer parking fees in advance;

7. Prevent the occurrence of a refusal to pay parking fees;

8. Prevent fee-paying personnel from engaging in malpractices and arbitrary charges;

9. Automated design, fast vehicle access, improved grade and efficiency to provide quality, safe and automatic parking services;

10. Save the expenses of management personnel and improve work efficiency and economic benefits;

11. The system with good expand, it can easily expand the long-distance non-parking charging function and the automatic license plate recognition function.


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