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What are the License plate recognition system

        License plate recognition technology are based on computer technology, image processing technology, and fuzzy recognition, Shanghai Yujin Communication License Plate Recognition (LPR) builds a vehicle's feature model and identifies vehicle features such as number plates, vehicle models, and colors. It is a special computer vision system that targets a specific target. It can automatically extract license plate images from an image, automatically divide characters, and then identify characters. It uses advanced image processing, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence technology. The collected image information is processed, and the digital, letter and Chinese characters of the license plate can be automatically and accurately recognized in real time, and the recognition result is directly given, so that the computerized monitoring and management of the vehicle become a reality.  

        The New LPR Technology has absorbed the advantage algorithm domestic and abroad ,on the basis of this, the optimization and improvement are made.The speed and accuracy of recognition have been greatly improved.Especially for lighting requirements,changed the defective of highly reliance on the environment that is undoubtedly an obstacle to installation and application. Due to the uncertainty of the installation location,plate reflection, backlight and other factors will directly affect the recognition of the license plate.The improved algorithm has greatly improved the recognition of the above license plates.

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